Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council: Cancel the nucleic acid testing and centralized quarantine for all personnel after entering China

The joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council released the overall plan on the implementation of class B management for novel coronavirus infection on the evening of December 26, which proposed to optimize the management of personnel traveling between China and foreign countries. People who are coming to China will undergo nucleic acid tests 48 hours before their trip. Those who are negative can come to China without the need to apply for a health code from our embassies and consulates abroad, and fill in the results into the customs health declaration card. If positive, the relevant personnel should come to China after turning negative. Nucleic acid testing and centralized quarantine will be canceled after full entry. Those whose health declaration is normal and the customs quarantine at the port can be released to enter the public place. We will control the number of international passenger flights such as the “five One” and passenger load factor restrictions. All airlines will continue to operate on board, and passengers must wear masks when flying. We will further optimize the arrangements for foreigners to come to China, such as resumption of work and production, business, study abroad, family visits and reunions, and provide corresponding visa convenience. Gradually resume passenger entry and exit at water and land ports. In light of the international epidemic situation and the capacity of all sectors, Chinese citizens will resume outbound tourism in an orderly manner.

China’s COVID situation is predictable and under control. Here we warmly welcome you to visit China, visit us!

Post time: Dec-27-2022
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